Time To Disconnect? Research Reveals Tech-Tired Brits Long For The Good Days


  • 78% of Brits say technology has had a negative effect on their life
  • 50% admit they hardly ever spend time with their family or partner without their phone, tablet or computer on standby
  • 84% wish they could revert back to the ‘good old days’ where life was simpler and they were happier
  • 66% admit they aren’t spending any time outdoors and Mother Nature is but a distant memory

Brits between the ages of 30 and 50 have lost the ability to live in the moment and experience the simple pleasures of life, according to research out today.

Leading camping brand, Camping in the Forest, surveyed people across the UK and discovered that more than three quarters (78%) of consumers believe the advent of technology has had a detrimental effect on their day-to-day life.

Two fifths (38%) are concerned that the more technology takes off, the less happy they’ll become… already 84% long for the ‘good old days’ when life was much simpler.

And, when it comes to on-line communication,  it’s a case of ‘anti-social media’ with a quarter of consumers admitting they no longer talk when in restaurants and pubs, as they are glued to their phones. The study also revealed that a quarter (23%) have fallen into the trap of updating what they’re doing on social media rather than actually doing it!

In fact, it seems the nation’s app-etite for all things techno leaves very little time for family fun, with bang on half (50%) of Brits admitting they hardly ever spend time with their loved ones without some type of technology, phones, computers or tablets involved. Worse still, a quarter (24%) can only escape the modern mania of life if they go on a day out or when they go on holiday (9%).

So, it seems the relentless pressures of work and the lack of escapism due to smart technology are the main reasons people are switching off from the world.

The research also revealed that although 95% of people think it’s important to spend time outdoors, connecting with Mother Nature – two thirds (66%) say they don’t have time to spend with nature.

Camping in the Forest asked 1,000 UK men and women what  they most yearn to reconnect with, and notably top of the list was walking (52%), followed by spending time in the Great British outdoors (49%), reading (38%) and enjoying time with wildlife (30%).

In order to help digitally deflated Brits recapture their raison d’etre, Camping in the Forest has teamed up with naturalist and TV presenter, Chris Packham to encourage them to visit a Camping in the Forest site in order to switch off from the modern mania and reconnect with nature.

Bob Hill, Sites Director at Camping in the Forest, comments: “The results of our survey are really quite shocking. While we all know that the advent of technology has had a big  impact on not only our professional but personal lives – the scale of the situation, in the way it has hindered our natural conservational instincts and the way we spend time together, is really quite tragic.

“The reality is that, by our very human nature, we all need time to switch off, unwind and just be among those we love. If we fail to do so, we risk not only losing the art of conversation and building proper relationships, but our overall well-being.

“With this in mind, we can’t stress enough the benefits of taking time out in the Great British outdoors. Not only is it a great way to switch off and unwind, but there’s nothing like communing with nature to rejuvenate the spirit and put one in a better frame of mind.”

ChrisChris Packham, TV presenter and naturalist adds: “Britain boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the world, which people travel far and wide to see, so it is a travesty that British people aren’t making the most of it. Our message is simple; turn the computer off, leave the phone at home, and get camping – not only will it help you reconnect with your loved ones and nature, but you’ll be sure to create memories that’ll last a lifetime and will never be forgotten!.”

For further information please visit www.campingintheforest.co.uk

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