Headteacher Martin Stott sets digital detox challenge

headMartin Stott, head of the Old Hall School in Wellington, Shropshire, has set his pupils and their families a challenge, to go on a digital detox for a week. Mr Stott believes many youngsters are growing up unable to read people’s body language or facial expressions because their eyes never leave mobile devices.

Mr Stott believes that many of today’s generation of kids are missing out on vital skills because of their digital addiction. He urges parents to participate in the digital detox challenge and turn their smartphones off as much as possible.

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Some parents responses to the story on Netmums:

“I’m fine with no mobile phones allowed in the classroom but not allow them on school trips or holidays with the school? No, I wouldn’t be happy with that” – Member

I think this is madness, we’re moving towards the Internet being seen as a basic human right now, and a headteacher takes it upon himself to interfere with the lives of families. I personally would have e-mailed the school to say my child would not participate in this, now I’m not saying that a child should be digitally connected all the time but there is a world of difference between going camping where you get no signal with some friends etc. and sitting and being disconnected for no apparent purpose or reason. Digital skills are vital for the next generations employability, and referring to it as a detox I find to be a little disturbing, and makes me wonder if the headteacher is maybe a bit technophobic and trying to mask his own shortcomings by passing the blame into ‘digital society’. – Member

“How did people cope before phones, tablets and other technology I wonder….
I remember going on school trips and holidays without a mobile, and I and the rest of my class always survived.
I think it’s a great thing. Maybe the children will actually focus on the trip rather than gawking at their phones all day. If you can’t cope without these things for a week then you do have a problem” – Member

You can read more on the Daily Mail story here: School orders pupils to spend a week on ‘digital detox’ without phones or iPads to teach them how to talk to people

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