Why I’ll be hitting the Big Red Stop this Sunday

etiquetteIt’s been a whirlwind six weeks since we registered National Unplugging Day as an awareness day in the UK. With the site going live on May 12th, we’ve garnered up amazing support in such a short space of time. We seem to have captured ‘some of’ the nations hearts at least.

This past week has been incredible with stints on ITV News, BBC Radio and numerous features in national newspapers. Something tells me my ‘hunch’ coupled with hard stats from our MyFamilyClubco.uk survey of over 6000 parents that we as parents really need to (not feel guilty) but be more aware of our technology usage for the sake of our children, who by the way, are taking in our every move is right.

On our six week journey we’ve partnered up with some incredible companies one of which being Big Red Stop which I just LOVE the sentiment behind.

Taking an ad-hoc digital break for whatever amount of time is great but when you do resurface I tend to find I end up having to justify, explain myself and apologise for going into radio-silence mode. I don’t want to have to do that every time I feel like I need some tech time-out.

The clever developers over at the Big Red Stop have developed an app that has ‘social etiquette’ at its core. Teaming good old fashioned manners with the need to get some space and unplug.

So this Sunday 28 for National Unplugging Day and on a regular basis, I will be hitting the #BigRedStop and automatically sending people a message when they try and contact me telling them I’m having some ‘downtime’ away from my devices and I’ll be back on soon (it even gives you a countdown to when you are next available).

Join us, download the app for iPhone or Android and hit that button! Reclaim some headspace away from technology whilst being polite and managing others expectations in the process.

See you on the other side.

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