National Unplugging Day Could Lead To Healthier Screen Time Routines

National Unplugging Day on 26 June could be just the trigger families need to adopt healthier day-to- day screen time routines at home, according to KidzCoins creators Gail and Vanessa Brown.

Mums Gail and Vanessa launched KidzCoins screen time trading and reward coins in February to help parents manage or limit their children’s recreational screen time at home in a fun and positive way. The coins, which have the backing of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in London and TV psychologist Dr Arthur Cassidy, can also be used as reward coins to enable children to “earn” their screen time.

Vanessa said: “National Unplugging Day is a great way to focus attention on the issue of screen time. As well as encouraging families to #GoGadgetFree for the day, the high profile event could really motivate families to think about the impact that passive screen time has on their day-to- day family life. At KidzCoins we’ve created a positive way for parents to teach children healthy digital habits from an early age.

The aim is to help children to self-regulate their screen time behaviour to prevent addiction issues as they grow older.”

Gail added: “There is growing concern about the impact of too much screen time on children’s mental and physical health, social skills and chances of academic success. National Unplugging Day puts the spotlight firmly on the issue and we hope it leads to healthier boundaries and routines beyond 26 June.”

By Gail and Vanessa Brown of KidzCoins

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